How are students selected?

The Christian Youth Exchange, Inc. (CYE) has a rigorous student selection process to ensure that students are well suited for an exchange experience. They must pass a strict screening process for motivation, character, grades and proficiency in written and spoken English language skills.

What kind of support will CYE provide the HOST FAMILY and EXCHANGE STUDENT?

A Local Representative will be assigned to work with HOST FAMILY and EXCHANGE STUDENT for the entire program. CYE will maintain regular contact with your local high school, evaluating your EXCHANGE STUDENT'S progress. CYE Area Representatives are available 24/7 in case of emergency.

How do you prepare students for the transition into an American home?

CYE provides extensive academic and cultural preparation, two meetings per month for 10 months which begins in September of each year. Then the student must participate in an intensive two week seminar to complete their training. The seminar is taught by certified American teachers, ninety percent with Ph.D.'s.

Does CYE have scheduled events that the student will participate during the school year?

Yes. CYE sponsors three major events during the year. The Fall Meeting (usually to be held in October) is a weekend designed to check in with the adjustment of the CYE participant. The Christmas Meeting (typically held the first weekend of December) is a weekend designed to review end of the year procedures before graduation and departure for home. Christmas presents from home are also delivered to the student at this time. The West Coast Tour is a two-week program during Spring Break and provides travel opportunity with the CYE group to see other parts of the United States.