What are CYE's policies concerning Computer/Internet use?

Rule of thumb; follow the established family rules. Excessive computer/internet use has proven a hindrance for the transition of the CYE student to integrate into the host family and manage time for school work.

Do CYE students have responsibilities?

CYE students are expected to adapt to the HOST FAMILY'S lifestyle and ground rules and to participate in family activities. Our students know that this program is not a trip or a tour, but an academic home stay that requires work and effort that will result in learning. Students are expected to help out with family chores.

Are CYE students permitted to obtain a Drivers' License?

Yes. CYE will help program participants obtain a Learners' Permit upon arrival in the United States. CYE will only assist in the road test under limited circumstances. Students are permitted to learn to drive and take the road test with their host parents (preferred method), or may attend a certified driving school at the student's expense. CYE insurance does not cover damages relating to motorized vehicles, so an additional insurance policy must be obtained at the student's expense.

Does CYE have rules for participants?

Yes. CYE students are expected to obey all the CYE rules and policies that are applicable while on their program. Should a student break a rule such as the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs, they will receive disciplinary action from CYE. Based on the severity of the action, a student's program may be terminated. Any infractions of CYE rules are expected to be reported by the host family. CYE students are expected to obey all U.S. laws.

Will the CYE student be expected to follow our family rules?

YES! The main problem is that the German students are not accustomed to Americans speaking indirectly when addressing do's and don'ts; so please explain directly what you expect from the student. Never assume that the student should know. Try to patiently explain your rules gradually, since the student is making numerous adjustments to their new environment and will not process everything immediately.