Are host families responsible for enrolling their CYE student in school?

No. CYE works with schools to ensure exchange students are in compliance with each school's policies and procedures. Absolutely no schedule changes are to be made without prior approval from the CYE Germany office. The students are in the United States to obtain a high school diploma. Changes in the schedule could also result in ramifications upon return to Germany with the German Department of Education. CYE enjoys an excellent reputation with our partner high schools, and we value a close working relationship with the schools that we serve.

Am I permitted to make schedule changes for my CYE student?

No. If the CYE student meets all requirements of the local school board, then the student will receive a high school diploma. The student must also meet course requirements for the German Department of Education, their German high school, and the CYE program. For this reason, absolutely no schedule changes are permitted without prior approval from the CYE Germany office.

What are the Community Service hours?

Both CYE and most schools have a Community Service component for program completion. CYE's Community Service requirement is 70 hours over a 10 month period in direct service to disadvantaged people. CYE gives credit for Community Service hours completed for school requirements. Students have further options to reduce the total number of required hours with approval from the CYE Germany office.