How long will the CYE student stay?

CYE students arrive in early to mid August for a 10-month academic stay, returning home to their home country in mid June. Under limited circumstances with sufficient notice, a CYE student may request an early or a later departure date.

Will the CYE student travel home during their stay?

No. CYE students are expected to remain in the United States during their 10 month stay, including spending holiday time with the host families. The exception is school sponsored trips or vacations with the host family. Other travel permitted with host family approval. For information purposes only, CYE requests to be notified of all travel of the program participant. Should plans be made for international travel, six weeks notice must be given to provide proper documents for exit and re-entry to the United States.

Are CYE students permitted to date?

Yes, but only within the host family rules established concerning dating. Rule of thumb; treat the student as you would your own child. Do not permit separate rules for the exchange student.

How will the CYE student get around?

CYE understands that you are very busy with work responsibilities and extra-curricular activities. Host families are expected to provide or help arrange transportation to school/school events and church/church events. CYE students often make friends who drive, providing transportation needs. Host family members are not expected to be chauffeurs, but to simply offer the CYE student a ride when it is convenient and help them make alternative arrangements.